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40 Reviews

Toronto Location:

120 Cartwright Ave,
Toronto ON, M6A1V2


Mississauga Location:

600 Matheson Blvd West
Mississauga, ON L5R4B8

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Reviews for Canadian Appliance Source

40 Reviews so far

  1. By Megan on January 7, 20152:13 am

    Had great experience shopping at this store. Very knowledgable sales person by name of Joseph was helping us. He gave us great deal on dishwasher and dryer . I was quite please with his level of courtesy . I highly recommend this store. I would defenitly go back for more items

  2. By Frederico on January 7, 20152:13 am

    My wife and I purchased a very nice vacuum and a fridge at Canada Appliance Store and are satisfied with the purchase. I found the best price and quality for my purchases. The salesman whose name was JOSEPH was very welcoming and warm. He helped us make the right choice.

  3. By yong hwang on January 7, 20151:14 am

    Great show room , great service,,,,
    When I select cooktop, the sale assist was really excellent., The price was very good too.
    I would back again this store , and this sales,,,, Thank uou…

  4. By ian whittaker on January 6, 20158:59 pm

    I am usually buying appliances for my clients from different retailers. I met Adib at Canadian Appliance Source in Toronto location in April and I am so impressed with his service that every month I buy 1-2 full kitchen appliances sets from him and have stopped dealing with other retailers. He is so prompt in delivering that I do not need to say why he is such a great sale person. There is no doubt that the prices are also impressive. Best wishes

  5. By Kam on January 4, 201510:03 pm

    after looking on line and trying to find the best washer and dryer for my house I called the store and I spk to (JOSEPH), he asked me all the right questions and I was very pleased with his knowledge of the product the last detail we needed to take care of was the date for our delivery.all together a very pleasant experience I would recomand this company.

  6. By Naz on January 4, 20154:57 pm

    We went there to purchase a stove we had a little knowledge about the products but luckily we were greeted by Joseph who showed us all the options and different models and price range. I have to say we were so impressed and felt so comfortable that at the end of our discussion we took his advise and purchased a stove that matched all our needs and best of all he assured us that this is the best price in the market

  7. By Nick I. on December 26, 20144:07 pm

    Review for Canadian Appliance Source, Ottawa

    After shopping for high-end appliances within Ottawa, I contacted Canadian Appliance Source in Ottawa and chatted with Alex. He provided us exceptionally professional and friendly service as well as excellent and VERY competitive prices. Without doubt, Alex was the hardest working salesperson we dealt with in Ottawa. In addition to responding promptly to our needs and questions, he suggested excellent alternatives to our appliance selections and did significant research on his own to ensure we purchased the products that best met our needs. We ended up purchasing what we needed at prices no other Ottawa appliance store could match with the most courteous service we could ask for – and all this by phone!!! Extremely pleased with CAS!!

  8. By JAMES G. from OSHAWA on December 24, 201410:37 pm

    Never have I experienced a better sales person than Ravi Kohli at the Toronto store of Canadian Appliance Source.He saved me thousands of dollars on a large appliance buy.Samsung Fridge,Washer and Dryer.Bosch Dishwasher.Ge Profile Gas Stove and matching Microwave Range Hood.He kept me informed about my order right up to delivery.Had a problem with the washer dryer pedestals being to big for my laundry room.Ravi took care of the return and money back plus made sure the proper stacking kit was ready for me at the warehouse.I could not have asked for better no hassle sales and delivery throughout my purchase.I wish more stores were like Canadian Appliance Source and Salesman Ravi Kohli

    Go See Ravi tell him James sent you!

  9. By John Seretis on November 24, 201411:39 pm

    I bought 3 refrigerators and an upright freezer from Canadian Appliance Source this year, and was very satisfied with the products, prices, and service I received. The sales associate (Angelo) was very helpful, taking the time to help me find the right appliance for my needs and budget. Delivery thereafter was quick and easy. I would definitely recommend Canadian Appliance Source to friends. Thank you Angelo.

  10. By Mel on September 26, 20144:22 pm

    I bought my kitchen and laundry appliances from Canadian Appliance Source. The sales, Angelo, was really nice. He got me a good deal and the services were great! I would definitely recommend him.

  11. By Ken and Pam on July 8, 20145:18 pm

    We highly recommend Canadian Appliance Source. We purchased new kitchen appliances with a price for the package significantly lower than anywhere else. The delivery men were great and it went very smoothly. The range we chose unfortunately caused much grief with an oven that stopped working so many times it had to be replaced. Again great delivery. Again this brand oven kept breaking down; the last straw was in the middle of cooking the Christmas turkey. Gil was very helpful in getting this range returned. Angelo did a great job in recommending another range to us. And they price matched! Again the delivery men were great. Our next purchase will definitely be with Canadian Appliance Source. Thanks to the whole team.

  12. By Hussam Mikhael on May 30, 20143:50 pm

    Great Prices, honest service, nice showroom, professional sales team, definitely I will recommend them.

  13. By Judy L. on May 20, 20147:33 pm

    Went to Canadian Appliance Source to pick up a new range hood. While we were there, we thought we would check out the dishwashers. We already knew which dishwasher we wanted. Sales representative Adib Narang gave us a price for the dishwasher we found very reasonable for the brand. He was also knowledgeable about the different model features. Placing the order with Adib was very quick and we were able to take the dishwasher home with us immediately. The whole process took about 15 minutes. I would definitely go back to Canadian Appliance Source and use Adib again. The prices are definitely better than Sears and other online retailers. And they seem to have the best selection in mid-range appliances for the best prices.

  14. By Cheryl Burkett on March 4, 201410:21 pm

    Excellent service. Got a great deal on a dishwasher. Delivered quickly. The contractor they recommended that came out to disconnect the old dishwasher and hook up the new one (Shane) was absolutely fantastic. Very happy with the service.

  15. By Stratfords on February 3, 20147:10 pm

    Warm gratitude from Joe and Carole Stratford of 165 The Kingsway for the safe delivery of our Amana washing machine this morning, and removal of the old. We’d had some apprehension about our narrower than-ideal side entrance, but all went well, though the lads did have to remove and reinstall the door. No complaints or sighs from them and they did a completely satisfactory job. Impressive, too was their backing of the truck into (again) a narrow driveway, made the more so by a mountain of snow and ice. We didn’t think they’d manage it.Thank you all,and no doubt we’ll be repeat customers.

  16. By Therese from Caledon Easst on April 29, 20137:38 pm

    Got a great deal on a Samsung Fridge RFG237ACRS way way lower than the competition. Did all my research online and called Canadian Appliance Sales Dept a few times with questions about which fridge would best suit my needs. They were polite and helpful even though I was not yet ready to make my decision. I took a chance buying a big ticket item like this online and dropped my order. I was not disappointed, totally hassle free, great customer service and prompt delivery. They were very fair to me over some minor damage to my doorway when my old fridge was removed and credited those removal charges without a hassle. Very good shopping experience and beats the competition both in price and excellent customer service.

  17. By Bethany L on February 4, 20138:07 pm

    I am so glad I listened to my contractor and made my large purchase with canadian appliance source. He said that his previous clients purchased there and they were so impressed with the quality of service. I actually paid them a visit because the website was so clean, easy to use and helpful and the prices were shockingly good. Came down to the store on cartwright and I was so pleased with the friendliness of the staff. My husband commented right away that he liked that the sales rep because… read more he was nice knowledgable but not pushy. It’s hard for us to clearly choose when We feel that the salesman is being too pushy for commission or for whatever other reason. We felt really co for table knowing that we got the best products for our needs and we were informed of the current jennair promotion that we didn’t even count on, how fun is that!! We ended up spending $2000 less than we budgeted for! Thanks Gladwyn! Delivery and instillation just came yesterday and the personnel was also well trained and polite and did a great job being careful not to damage anything. I tipped more generously than I usually do. we felt that We should pass on this experience to others who are in the market for appliances who value customer service but love getting a good deal at the same time. Thanks guys, I will definitely we back when my laundry pair finally dies!

  18. By Moishe on December 25, 20129:08 pm

    I purchased a fridge from cdn appliance source website. The experience was excellent. The website is very clear informative .i.e dimemsions, features, and easy to navigate. We got a great price and great value. We made our order online and the fridge was delivered on time as expected. We also received emails letting us know where it was holding in the process until we received it. The delivery people were courteous and they also removed our existing dead fridge which was very helpful. I just referred my Mother and she bought at range, also very satisfied.

  19. By Mel F on April 1, 20128:33 pm

    Very pleased with the service and knowledge of the sales team. Delivery came on time as promised. My last appliance purchase was with Sears, and canadian appliance source definitely surpassed them with price and service. I am happy i chose to purchase here.

  20. By Linda on March 19, 20121:33 am

    What a great store! Tons of staff, great service and pricing. I was not expecting the size if this company. Really big place with a super efficient operation. I like shopping at stores like these where the owner is there and very passionate about his products and service. I couldnt help but recomend these guys.

  21. By Joe K on March 8, 20123:31 pm

    Bought a new Kitchenaid dishwasher from Canadian Appliance. The pricing was $350 less than Sears and probably the best I could find in the GTA.

    The sales guy “Alan” was okay. Pretty knowledgeable, but seemed disinterested as his computer was more interesting than I was that day.

    Showroom has a ton of stuff in it to choose from. I had to wait a few days for the dishwasher to come in, but it was in when then said, although I had to call them to find out if it had come in.

    I was a little miffed that they hadn’t mentioned the required compression fitting that I would need for that dishwasher. After a trip to the Home Depot get that I was good to go.

    Overall, pretty good. They would be great if they paid attention to the little details for their customers, instead of vice versa.

  22. By Nick on October 29, 20114:29 pm

    Ordered the Samsung RFG237ACRS Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator from Canadian Appliance Source, on-line. Received a call within 48 hours to schedule delivery. Item arrived as planned. The delivery team was professional and helpful and I am extremely satisfied with the overall experience. The service when combined with the price which was almost $650 lower than Future Shop even after factoring in delivery and removal cost of the old fridge, made this an exceptional deal. They also sent me a FREE 7″ portable DVD player. The refrigerator looks great and everything is as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Thanks!

  23. By Shawn on June 23, 20113:45 pm

    Just ordered a full Kitchenaid suite from Canadian Appliance Source. We were extremely pleased with their level of professionalism and customer service. Their staff was friendly and supremely knowledgeable which made the choosing so much easier. Products were delivered on time as specified and the delivery men were very pleasant and did their job in a timely fashion. I feel we did a smart thing by going with Canadian Appliance Source for our purchase because we got the best prices and didn’t have do compromise with service. I will most definitely recommend them. Thank you Jason

  24. By josh on December 25, 20107:47 pm

    Great Prices, honest service, nice showroom, easy delivery. What more can you ask for?

  25. By R. Peterson on November 26, 20105:03 pm

    Had an excellent experience purchasing from Canadian Appliance Source. Customer service was great. I was dealing with Daniel who was professional and helpful. This company had the lowest prices that I’ve come across. I was planning on purchasing from the US with their better pricing, but in the end I went with shopping Canadian because their prices were low enough and I didn’t have to deal with no warranty coverage had I purchased it across the border. It was a $10,000 order so they included free delivery and I also received a free LCD TV and a portable DVD player which I have saved to give away as Christmas presents to family members. Love our new appliances. I would definitely shop at Canadian Appliance Source again and would recommend them highly.

  26. By gordon on November 18, 20104:03 pm

    Had an AWFUL experience with these guys; ordered a washer and dryer online in october and three weeks later still hadn’t heard anything from them regarding delivery….we called them and they told us that the dryer was in but the washer wasn’t, it was coming in the next day and would be delivered within the next two business days. Three days later, we still hadn’t heard from them so we called again and were told that the washer was actually indefinitely back ordered and we should choose another model.
    The following day we were contacted for delivery and were placed on hold for 23 minutes before being told that the guy who arranges delivery was on lunch and we would have to call back.
    we called back and we placed on hold for another 7 minutes before being disconnected.
    called again and were told we could have delivery the following morning between 9:00am – 11:00am. They just needed to swipe the credit card…..
    but this was a gift from someone to us, we don’t have their credit card, and why do you need to swipe the card if it’s already been paid for online over three weeks ago?
    Well, they won’t deliver it without swiping a card (I guess they missed the obvious fact that the billing address and shipping address were different).
    We were then told that they could not cancel the order because the items were in the warehouse already. Nice, eh?
    So, we are all consequently in laundry limbo and the customer service reps and the manager seemed quite content to keep it that way.
    When calling back a final time to speak to the manager, we were quite rudely told that if we wanted to cancel the order we could. They did not try to resolve the issues, and didn’t seem to want to even bother.

  27. By J.S.F on October 6, 20105:27 pm

    Positive experience overall.

    *Sales team were knowledgeable and informative

    *Prices were very competitive

    *Communication was decent (when I called they always answered within 2 minutes wait)

    *Delivery went as scheduled and problem free.

    *Up to date technologically. Received my invoice via Email instantly and was able to refer back to it at any time.

    I would rate Canadian Appliance Source an 8 out of 10.

  28. By Donna and Rick on October 6, 20105:22 pm

    Drove all the way from Hamilton to order my washer and dryer from Canadian Appliance Source because of their great pricing. I’ve shopped around and they came in the cheapest by $50! I even asked for a discount because I was ordering a high end Steam Whirlpool washer and dryer and they took off another $40! I really like the sales reps relaxed attitude and I didn’t feel like they were so aggressive and pushy. Got my appliances delivered within the week. When ordering my next appliances I will most certainly go back to Canadian Appliance.

  29. By Meryll and Pete on October 6, 20105:14 pm

    Had a really positive experience with Canadian Appliance Source! Ordered my full Jenn Air kitchen from them. The products were delivered the day after we went to closing which was the exact day scheduled. I was thrilled with their prices and their organization. This company is very high tech and everything is computerized which I like. I had ordered last year a washer dryer from another local company and my experience there was not the same. I will definitely recommend them to all of you who will be reading this and to all my friends and coworkers.
    Ps. Thanks Mike for your assistance.

  30. By Monna from Richmond Hill on August 9, 20103:04 pm

    I’ve been so thrilled with the service of Canadian Appliance Source. Their prices were the cheapest I’ve found in Canada. I wasn’t expecting much from them in terms of service only because their prices were so low, I figured it was a “no-frills” type of company. I was so wrong. Sales team was professional and helpful, products were in quite quickly and the delivery personnel were polite and well trained. I will definitely be purchasing my new kitchen appliances from Canadian Appliance Source in the future!

  31. By Joe Flannigan on June 16, 20105:42 pm

    I’m completely underwhelmed by this company. I ordered a freezer online and then called them after several days about delivery and was told they would call me “when it came in”. Two weeks later my Mastercard account was credited for the charge (at least I got my money back!), but never any explanation by telephone or email. A previous inquiry by email was never answered. I have 3 new appliances to buy and it won’t be from this company.

  32. By S.L on June 14, 20102:59 pm

    Got all my appliance from canadian appliance source. was very happy with the service. My dishwasher came scratched – had to wait for another one. Over all great customer service!

  33. By Amy on June 6, 20105:31 am

    I bought a Weber Summit Series S670 From Canadian Appliance Source. They offered the lowest price on weber’s. It did arrive a little later then promised (they claimed it was backordered), But I did get it. Now I’m throwing mad BBQ Parties.

  34. By Emily on June 3, 20108:47 am

    Before buying a new fridge last year I shopped around and found them to be the lowest priced. Service was not bad. I would recommend them.

  35. By Patty on May 28, 20106:03 pm

    Hello Readers!
    I recently purchased my entire kitchen appliances from Canadian Appliance Source and just received them last week. I was so thrilled with this company and was not expecting this kind of service from a retailer who’s prices were so cheap. I chose the appliances I wanted from their website and they were the only place online where I was able to see current manufacturers promotion. ( I got 3 Kitchenaid appliances and got my microwave free!) Mike C. helped me out when I came to the showroom and he was extremely helpful! The delivery team was excellent and came within the 2 hour window that I was promised. Thanks for making my biggest purchase of my new home such a calm experience.

  36. By Mike on April 26, 20106:32 pm

    Great Store!

  37. By Peter on April 26, 20105:13 pm

    I bought a Weber Summit Series S670 From Canadian Appliance Source. They offered the lowest price on weber’s. It did arrive a little later then promised (they claimed it was backordered), But I did get it. Now I’m throwing mad BBQ Parties.

  38. By Steve from Woodbridge on April 16, 20102:27 pm

    Got a Weber Summit BBQ from Canadian Appliance Source out in Toronto and it was amazing! Couldn’t believe how cheap it was. I didn’t believe it until I received it! Thanks guys for the great service and great products. I will definitely purchase appliances from you in the future when needed.

  39. By Melanie from North York on April 16, 20102:20 pm

    Canadian Appliance Source was an excellent shopping experience. Loved that they were so honest with me when helping me chose my kitchen appliances. Got really amazing prices. I did tons of research on their website and priced matched and got the best deal I could find. I was a bit skeptical in buying such high ticket items from a store I haven’t heard of but every part of the purchase was just as professional as the big box retailers. Delivery was scheduled when I wanted it. The Delivery personnel were really nice and unboxed all 6 of my items and put them into place. Thanks guys. I will definitely shop there again!

  40. By John M. on April 12, 20108:51 pm

    Before buying a new fridge last year I shopped around and found them to be the lowest priced. Service was not bad. I would recommend them.

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